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The Pilates Evolution teacher training program designed by Tiffany Crosswhite Burke is a unique evolution of Pilates movement from classical to contemporary.

Tiffany feels there is a huge unnecessary gap between classical and contemporary Pilates, especially when it comes to teacher training.  In this program teachers will learn the classical method as it was intended and how to step outside of the “Pilates box” to create intelligent, dynamic Pilates flows and innovative classes.

This one of a kind approach to Pilates teacher training is designed for those seeking an intelligent alternative to strictly classical Pilates.

About The Pilates Teacher Training Course


The Pilates Evolution teacher training is a 500-hour comprehensive certification on the Mat, Reformer, Trapeze and Wunda Chair. 

  • Classical Mat, Reformer, Trapeze and Wunda Chair repertoire from beginner to advanced.
  • Effective cues and teaching skills.
  • Appropriate and effective contemporary alternatives.
  • Sequence and flow progression / development.
  • Class programming for multi-level groups.
500 hours of course content

Course Material & Resources:...

  • Detailed training manuals for each apparatus.
  • Online tutorial videos of every classical exercise and contemporary alternatives.
  • Online videos of sample flows and full length classes.
  • Online anatomy course.
  • Scheduled webinars.
  • 3 Scheduled (in person or via iChat) one on one sessions with Tiffany.
  • 50 Group Classes at Studio Core Pilates (if Utah based).
  • Unlimited observation hours at Studio Core Pilates (if Utah based)
Pilates Teacher Training Guides - Manuals

Course Breakdown

Observation hours:

These hours can be completed by observing or assisting a certified Pilates teacher at Studio Core Pilates in Utah or via webinars and online training on  Observation hours from other studios may count with prior approval.


Practice Hours:

These hours can be completed at Studio Core Pilates, online classes at,, other approved Pilates Studios or at your own home.  Both independent practice and group classes count towards your 200 hours. 


Teaching hours:

These hours may be completed by teaching your friends, family and future clients at Studio Core Pilates or in your own home.  Each studio may set their own conditions and terms regarding your practice teaching hours. It is recommended all trainees purchase liability insurance. All hours should be accounted for in your training manual or at After all hours are completed and accounted for by your mentor you may request an examination date.


Your Certification Exam will consist of 3 parts.

1. You will perform the Classical Reformer Workout or Classical Mat Workout.

2. You will teach a (private lesson) workout on the Reformer. You may include contemporary elements, but the Classical root should be very visible.

3. A take home written Exam on Anatomy, teacher conduct, safety and the Pilates Method will be provided after parts 1 & 2 have been completed.

Course Breakdown

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